Allianz Class Action

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Class Action Against Allianz and American Airlines

Thank you for choosing Ayala Law PA firm (“Firm”) to represent you in the above referenced matter. It is a pleasure to welcome you as Client.

The lawsuit claims that American Airlines and Allianz misrepresent the nature and substance of their trip insurance when they offer it to consumers. The complaint alleges, among others, that the trip insurance sold is largely related to medical emergencies or catastrophic events (things that rarely occur) while portraying it as a broad, no-fault type of coverage for unexpected events.

1. Terms of Representation

We will pursue the action on a contingency fee basis, which means you will have no responsibility for legal fees or expenses.

Legal fees and expenses will be paid only if there is a recovery in the case and after notice to all class members and court approval. But whether there’s recovery or not, you will never owe the Firm any money.

You acknowledge here the Firm has not made any promise regarding outcomes. You accept that the Firm, in its best judgment and discretion, could associate with other competent attorney to help in the representation of you or as advisors, and that all such cost will paid by the Firm as a percentage of the fees recovered in the case.

2. Client Duties:

By agreeing to be a plaintiff, you understand that you have certain obligations which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Be generally familiar with the litigation.
  • Confer with us any time it is necessary to do so and be responsive if we need to speak with you.
  • Participate in discovery: If defendants require information as part of their defense, you agree to help us provide that information whether it is documents or oral testimony.

3. Preservation of Evidence:

Expoliation (destruction) of evidence is a serious legal violation. Therefore, as we start our professional relationship, it is crucial that you preserve all evidence related to this matter. Evidence includes emails, texts messages, call records, financial documents, bank records, physical evidence, and any other item you think could be probative of this matter.

4. Confidentiality:

As a requirement of professional responsibility, our firm is required to preserve the confidences and secrets of all of our clients. This professional obligation and the attorney-client privilege exist to encourage honest discussions between the attorney and client. You therefore agree to maintain our firm informed of all information, whether negative or adverse to you that could be relevant to the legal representation under this agreement.