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Ayala’s Team Represents the New Foundation in Honor of Former Colleague and Friend Dayana Nogareda Esq.

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  We are proud to announce that we will be representing the DAYANA NOGAREDA-FIOL FOUNDATION, a foundation created to continue the legacy of former attorney and friend of the firm, Dayana Nogareda, Esq. As stated, by Attorney Maura, “I was a close friend of the family for many years. I have seen Dayana’s character, grit, and passion for those in most legal need, and that…

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Ayala Sues American Express for Recalling Already-Earned Payment to Its Contractor-Client

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Ayala files lawsuit against American Express and a contractor for damages caused by recalling a processed payment for services already delivered to the contractor-defendant. In the lawsuit, Ayala alleges that American Express, without any verification, or due diligence of any kind, took the side of the contractor-defendant and recalled a payment already approved for Ayala’s client. As stated by Attorney Maura, “we are proud to…

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Important Immigration Repercussions of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The COVID-19 crisis has had some important repercussions in the immigration world. Travel bans, applications for visas halted, hearings suspended, immigrants stranded. Below you can find some of the recent updates from some of the most important government agencies related to immigration. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) One of the major rules implemented by this administration was the Public Charge Rule. The Rule…

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Coronavirus Facts: What You Should And What You Should Not Worry About

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Unfortunately the Coronavirus has invaded every aspect of our lives and turned it around drastically in a matter of days. In this environment, it is important to make decisions based on facts rather than speculation. What is a virus? A virus is a microscopical biological entity that reproduces inside cells of a living host. Once they infect the cells of the host, it reproduces at…

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Florida Judge Certifies a Class of Hundreds of Owners Whose Vehicles Were Towed by American Towing of Miami

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On March 6, 2020, a Florida judge certified a class of nearly 300 hundred vehicle owners whose vehicles were towed by American Towing of Miami (American), a south Florida towing company. The case was field originally in July 2018 in county court and then transferred to circuit court in March 2019. After overcoming innumerable hurdles and the defense dilatory tactics, Ayala was able to prevail…

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Spanish Legal News Publishes Article of Ayala’s Attorney Regarding Benefits of Having a Subsidiary in the US.

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The legal news site published article in Spanish of attorney Eduardo A. Maura regarding the advantages and disadvantages for South American businesses of establishing a subsidiary in the United States. In the article, Maura highlights benefits such as access to the US courts, forum selection clauses, potential access to business visas, and strategic positioning in a reputable market such as the U.S. Disadvantages include…

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How Can I Protect My Small business From Lawsuits?—Insurance (Part IV).

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In this part IV of the “how can I protect my small business from lawsuits” articles, I focus on insurance. How can having insurance protect me from lawsuits? It may not, but at least the insurance could pay for the lawsuit—sometimes. When any of the things mentioned in Part I, II, or III of my recommendations to protect your business from lawsuits do not work,…

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Ayala Obtains a $202,921 Judgment, Including Attorney’s Fees and Costs, in Civil Theft Lawsuit in Florida.

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Ayala obtained a $202,921 judgment in a lawsuit filed in Circuit Court in Broward County Florida, against a so called real estate “investment advisor” who defrauded Ayala’s Client. The lawsuit alleged that “[Defendants] . . . held themselves out to be experienced real estate investors and investment advisers able to purchase foreclosures properties at auction, and sell them at large profits.” Under the guise of…

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How can I Protect My Small Business From Lawsuits? —Layering (Part III).

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In this part III of the “how can I protect my small business from lawsuits” articles, I focus on layering. What do I mean by layering? You can have, for example, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and you, the human, be the owner of 100% of it. That type of ownership structure will give you the least protection possible. The law treats this type of…

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How Can I Protect My Small Business From Lawsuits? —Separation (Part II).

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By Eduardo A. Maura. Out of the many things I tell small business owners, when they ask me how to protect their businesses, separation is high in my list of recommendations. But what do I mean by separation? What I mean is, separate your business from yourself or your family or your other businesses. It is quite common that small business owners are the managers…

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