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Ayala Files Class Action Against Miami Mall of The Americas’ Owners on Behalf of its Client and Other Similarly Situated Businesses

By September 17, 2018 No Comments

Ayala filed a Class Action on behalf of its client, and as representative of an entire class of plaintiffs, at the popular Miami Mall of the Americas.

The lawsuits names the Mall owners, Sterling Corporation, a conglomerate with dozens of assets nation-wide, and other related defendant, SC-Mota Associates Limited Partnership.

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The class action alleges that Sterling, once it signed a deal with Costco, it completely ignored the rest of the small business tenants in the middle alley of the mall, and simply catered to Costco and other big anchor tenants. In the process it shrunk the rentable retail space of the mall, failed to maintain it in a minimum decent condition, and neglected the small tenants in general. The lawsuit alleges that Sterling effectively runs two malls in one for the benefit of its bigger tenants.

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