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Ayala Files Lawsuit Against The Seller of Vacation and Travel Packages Alleging it Lied to Consumers About Its Products

By October 17, 2019 February 10th, 2020 No Comments

Ayala filed a lawsuit against Exclusive Residences, a company that sells vacation and travel packages and that primarily targets innocent foreigner consumers. As stated in the Complaint: “At the heart of Miami’s exclusive Design District, in carefully designed offices that provide an appearance of luxury and glamour, run by well-dressed, articulate, and charming sales agents, there is a massive (and successful) fraudulent scheme targeting humble, naive foreigners (and others).” Complaint at ¶1.

“Exclusive Residences’ [website] uniformly advertises elite vacation packages in exotic global destinations. The websites craft a false mirage of exclusivity and opulence, aimed at enticing others to join this fabricated world of affluence few could even dream of.” Complaint at ¶23.

The goal is to “(3) take victim to an obligatory, marathonic, and painstaking pre-trip conference which has been carefully crafted and coordinated; (4) provide free food, alcoholic beverages, and displays of luxurious resorts and vacations; (5) make false promises of affordability and accessibility to the product like inexistent “tax breaks” and false promises of “financing” for which a foreigner never qualifies; (6) request a “credit check” through the swiping of the consumer’s credit card for an undisclosed amount that agents represent as a “hold” on the card only as opposed to a charge.” (Complaint at  ¶58 ). Once they obtain consumer’s credit cards, they swipe the card for whatever it can go through as the “down payment” for the “timeshare.”

As stated by Attorney Eduardo A. Maura: “We feel terrible for what our client, and other similarly situated persons have gone through. What defendants are doing to innocent foreigner consumers should no go unpunished. We will do our best to seek justice for them.”

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