Ayala Law PA engaged by multinational corporation in Intellectual Property Litigation

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Proculogistics Inc retained Ayala Law PA to file lawsuit against several defendants on issues related to trademark misappropriation, fraud, conspiracy and breach of contract. Proculogistics is a multinational corporation with operations in Dubai, Caracas, Santo Domingo and Florida. The core of its business consists on importing and selling large quantities of vehicles to South America. The volume of its trading involved sometimes the shipment of thousands of vehicles at one time.

In the past months, unbeknown to its owners, they were the subject to a large conspiracy who sought to overtake the valuable commercial structure and reputation they had built over the years.

To do so the Defendants incorporated the knock-off entity “Proculogistics RB Inc.” As gathered from the Complaint, “the defendants and its co-conspirators fraudulently imitated [Plaintiff’s] Proculogistics logo, marketing materials, business cards, company name, intellectual property and advertising [in order] to confuse and deceive [plaintiff’s] clients and illegally seize Proculogistics’ businesses.” Complaint at p.5.

“[S]imultaneously [defendants] obtained [Plaintiff’s] trust to access their client connections, targeted [their] client network in Venezuela and Dubai, represented itself either as the true Proculogistics or an affiliate, stole all of Proculogistics’s business deals, and then concealed the fraud from [Plaintiffs] by unilaterally cancelling all orders made to the true Proculogistics”. Id.

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