Ayala Obtains 179k judgement in Civil Theft Lawsuit in Broward County-Florida.

Ayala obtained a $179,636 judgement in a lawsuit filed in Circuit Court in Broward County Florida, against a so called real estate “investment advisor” who defrauded Ayala’s Client.

The lawsuit alleged that “[Defendants] . . . held themselves out to be experienced real estate investors and investment advisers able to purchase foreclosures properties at auction, and sell them at large profits.” Under the guise of being experienced investment advisors, the Defendants persuaded the Plaintiffs, an inexperienced Uruguayan woman, to wire funds that they then “knowingly obtained or used . . . with felonious intent, to either temporarily or permanently deprive Plaintiff of her right to or benefit from the property or appropriate the property to Defendants’ own use or the use of any person not entitled to the property.” (Complaint, ¶ 110)

Under the civil theft statute Ayala’s Client was entitled to three times the amount of her damages and attorneys fees.

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