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Ayala Law represents illegal towing clients throughout the state of Florida. If you believe your vehicle was wrongfully towed, damaged during the tow, or that you were overcharged, we can help. No fees unless we win your case.

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Settlement in case where client’s car was unlawfully towed and later sold without properly notifying the client that car was going to be sold.


Settlement in case where client’s vehicle was unlawfully towed three times and car was damaged during the tow.

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Anyone towing a vehicle in Florida without the consent of the owner must comply with the requirements of Florida Statutes Section 715.07. If you parked at a spot, and your car was towed when you came back, contact the local police department to report the vehicle as missing. Local law enforcement will be able to tell you whether your vehicle has been towed and, if so, which towing company towed the vehicle and where your vehicle is stored.

If your vehicle was damaged in the towing process, you may recover the costs to repair your vehicle. Florida Statutes also require that the towing company store your vehicle within 10 miles of the towing site. If your vehicle was taken to a storage location more than 10 miles from the location of the tow, your rights may have been violated.

There are also local rules that regulate how much a towing company can charge your vehicle based on its size and the time it was stored at its facilities.

All these laws and rules are there to protect you from Towing Companies’ predatory practices. If you believe you were not parked illegally, and yet, were towed, contact our office.

We will pursue your towing case on a contingency fee basis, which means you will have no responsibility for legal fees or expenses.

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January 21, 2022

Three Things You Must Know if Your Car Was Towed Illegally

  Was your vehicle towed or booted? Know your rights! Towing Companies must comply with Florida Statues 715.07 when towing vehicles without the consent of the owner.  Section 715.07 of the Florida Statutes has very specific rules regarding signage and “No Parking Zones” that tow operators and property owners must follow prior to a nonconsensual tow. But even if the signage was correct, there are…
Wrongful Towing
December 1, 2021

A Brief History of the §715.07 Florida Statutes—the Wrongful Towing Statute (Part I)

Section 715.07, Fla. Stat., was enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1976. Back then, a tow truck operator did not have a legal possessory interest over vehicles it towed on behalf of a property owner. This is because, in the State of Florida, a tow truck operator does not acquire a common-law lien over vehicles it tows pursuant to requests for non-consensual tows by property…
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November 11, 2021

Who can be Held Liable for a Wrongfully Towed Vehicle?

  By Ryan Sawal On August 18, 2021, the Third District Court of Appeal handed down its decision in Lacayo v. Versailles Gardens I Condominium Association, Inc. Lacayo involved an individual (the “Plaintiff”) whose car had been immobilized by a Miami-based booting company while parked in Versailles Gardens’ (the “complex owner”) complex. Plaintiff sued both the booting company and the complex owner, Versailles Gardens for…
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August 19, 2021

Towing Scams – What You Must Know About Towing Companies Deceptive Tactics in South Florida

Being towed is a traumatic event. You may have been going to drop your child at school to then find yourself car-less. Today, we discuss a common illegal tactic we see from towing companies at the time consumers go to pick up their vehicle after a tow. Imagine you were towed (legally or illegally, that’s a separate topic) and you go pick up your vehicle.…