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Ayala Proud to Provide Towing Law Expertise to Transportation Titan Knight-Swift

By March 31, 2023No Comments

The Ayala Law PA team is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen to represent transportation giant Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. (Knight-Swift).

Knight-Swift is a publicly traded, American motor carrier company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Recently, Knight-Swift has been the victim of a series of illegal towing by predatory Florida towing companies. In what is a common, corrupt pattern, towing companies in Florida do everything possible not to return vehicles. These companies also manufacture artificial liens, in order to obtain a windfall payment through the sale of said vehicles.

Managing partner Eduardo A. Maura had this to say, “We’re honored a world-renowned company has reached out to us for representation. The Florida towing environment is—excuse my language—disgusting. Towing companies run a corrupt operation where they sell towed vehicles left and right, despite not knowing who the owner of the vehicle is, a contemporaneous claim from said owners, and no other competing claims.”

Maura further stated, “In many of these cases, on the consumer, non-business side, we’ve run into many issues. These include the inability to get a committed plaintiff, and difficulty financing such a small-value litigation. However, with Knight-Swift, we definitely don’t have that problem, and corrupt towing companies can expect a long fight from us.”

If you’re a truck driver, or a company in the transportation industry whose semi truck has been towed or sold, contact one of our attorneys at 305-570-2208. You can also email trial attorney Eduardo A.Maura at

We at Ayala Law PA are passionate about helping those in legal need, so please don’t hesitate to schedule a case evaluation with us online here.

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