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Ibaldo Arencibia

IT and Operations Coordinator

2490 Coral Way, Ste 401
Miami, FL 33145

Phone: (305) 570-2208
Fax: (305) 503-7206

Ibaldo was born in La Habana Cuba. At age 15 he came to the United States with his parents.

He attended South tech Boynton beach and moved to Miami in 2008 where he made a career in the lightning software industry.

Though a naturally inclined, self-taught, talented computer programmer, he decided to switch paths and join the Ayala team of which he’s been a part of as a friend for many years already.

At the firm, he’s involved in all things related to computers, networks and technology. He is also in charge of the firm’s operations and logistics, including onboarding, video production and event coordination.

Ibaldo is also a CrossFit aficionado. He has participated in CrossFit tournaments and generally performs at a competitive, elite level.

Ibaldo is fluent in English and Spanish.

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