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Civil LitigationNews & Announcements
July 23, 2021

Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Marina Palms Residences for Years of Overcharge in Transfer fees

Ayala filed a Class Action lawsuit on behalf of its client against Marina Palms Residence North Condominium Association Inc. (Marina Palms), for overcharging transfer fees during the years. Under Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes, condominiums may not charge more than $100 per applicant “in connection with the sale, mortgage, lease, sublease, or other transfer of a unit.” §718.112(2)(I). For many years, Marina Palms has…
Consumer ProtectionNews & Announcements
July 21, 2021

The Two Most Common “Business” Scams Targeting South American and Other Investors

It is sad to see how many South American, small business owners, with the hope of investing their hard-earned capital in the U.S., get scammed. South Americans look to the U.S. as a safe, rich, and reliable capitalistic society. In turn, sometimes, they find themselves the target of bogus, straight-up scam deals where they end up with nothing, and the scammer, with their capital. In…
Civil LitigationNews & Announcements
July 8, 2021

Ayala Obtains Plaintiff Verdict in Contentious 3-year Products Liability, Defective Seeds Case in the Central District of California.

  After a 6-day jury trial a, California jury returned a verdict in favor of Ayala’s clients. As stated by attorney Eduardo A. Maura: It was contentious. It was competitive. We were outmatched in every category. Five experts, eight lawyers, two firms. But we competed hard for our clients and the jury returned a verdict worth close to $300,000 when counting pre-judgment interest. Though far…
July 8, 2021

Ayala Represents Digital Holding, a Fintech Company; Peruvian Leader in Digital Factoring Technology

  Ayala is proud to announce that it has been retained by Digital Holding, a subsidiary of Digital Factoring SAC in Peru (DF). DF is dedicated to helping small businesses finance their short-term capital needs. Unlike conventional bank financing, Digital Factoring provides a fast and convenient financing option to small businesses. DF is able to do so, because of its powerful digital platform. Ayala will…
Civil LitigationNews & AnnouncementsUncategorized
June 10, 2021

Ayala Defective Seeds, Products Liability Case Headed to a Jury trial Starting June 18th

Ayala’s case where its client claim that they were sold defective seeds is headed to a jury trial starting on June 18, 2021, in the U.S. Central District of California. The three-and-a-half-year dispute consists of two Peruvian growers who allege that they were sold defective seeds from the defendant which ruined their crops, land, and drastically damaged their businesses and relationships with their customers. The…
Class ActionsNews & Announcements
May 25, 2021

Ayala Appeals to the 11th Circuit Order Dismissing Class Action Case Against Allianz for Misrepresentation of its “Trip Protection” Insurance.

On May 7, 2021, Ayala filed a Notice of Appeal on behalf of its client a consumer who purchased “trip protection” insurance from Allianz Global Assistance. In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleged that “ reasonable consumer would get the net impression that Allianz’s insurance provides broad, no-fault insurance protection and coverage, and that should one choose to purchase this insurance, one would not be “responsible…
Civil LitigationNews & Announcements
May 25, 2021

Ayala Files Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Aquasol Condominium Association in Miami, for Injuries to Six-Year Old Child.

Ayala filed a premises liability and negligence lawsuit against Aquasol Condominium Association (Aquasol) in Miami. The lawsuit alleges that Aquasol’s failure to maintain a large metal door that serves as an entrance/exit connecting the elevator lobby to the parking garage caused serious injuries to Ayala’s client's child. The Complaint also alleges that prior to the day of the incident, Plaintiff’s parents had warned management of…
Protección al Consumidor
May 21, 2021

La Ley de Protección al Consumidor Contra Llamadas (TCPA): Lo Que Debe Saber Sobre las Llamadas o Mensajes de Texto no Deseados

La TCPA es una ley federal aprobada por el Congreso en 1991 en respuesta al creciente aumento de llamadas automáticas y faxes. Más tarde, con el uso creciente de mensajes de texto, la Comisión Federal de Comunicaciones (FCC) declaró que los mensajes de texto están sujetos tambien a las restricciones de la TCPA. La ley aplica a las llamadas de telemercadeo y a las llamadas…
May 20, 2021

Entendiendo las Leyes de La Florida que Regulan el remolque de autos: cinco cosas que debe saber y hacer si su automóvil es remolcado.

No mucha gente sabe que la ley de Florida brinda fuertes protecciones a los consumidores que son remolcados indebidamente. Esto se debe a que ser remolcado puede ser una experiencia terrible. Imagínese que está en camino a recoger a su hijo y se detiene en una tienda que no tiene señales de prohibido estacionar. Cuando regresa, su auto no está. No tiene a nadie que…
May 20, 2021

Proteccion al Consumidor – Tres Simples Cosas Que Puedes Hacer Para Protegerte Contra Estafadores

Si vive en el sur de Florida, es probable que, como mínimo, haya estado expuesto a una estafa. Con suerte, no cayó en la trampa. Aquí les dejamos tres cosas simples que recomendamos para evitar caer en una estafa: Primero. Busque con quién está haciendo negocios. Si la persona que le ofrece un producto o un negocio no tiene una ubicación física, un sitio web…
Commercial DisputesNews & Announcements
May 6, 2021

Ayala’s Client Sues Spanish TV Station SUR, and others, Over Five Million transfer of Assets and Mismanagement

The plaintiff, Fondo de Inversión Stella, is an investment fund where the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (the Brothers), a religious congregation, is a participant. Since 1999, Lizardo Vargas, one of the defendants, convinced the Brothers that the best way to invest their assets was through a fund he managed. Vargas’ investments included the purchase of 15% SUR Corp (SUR) stock, the…
Consumer ProtectionFraudNews & Announcements
April 29, 2021

Consumer Protection — Three Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself Against Scammers

If you live in South Florida, chances are you have been, at a minimum, exposed to a scam. Hopefully, you didn’t fall for it. Here are three simple things we recommend to avoid falling for a scam: First. Look up who you are doing business with. If the person offering you a product or a business does not have a physical location, a decent website,…
ImmigrationNews & Announcements
April 28, 2021

Ayala Obtains Asylum for Venezuelan Business Couple Targeted by the Maduro Regime

Ayala obtains asylum for Venezuelan couple after a three year long and emotionally draining asylum process. The case was initially submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services who declined to make a determination and referred the case to an immigration judge in Orlando, where the couple settled. After a three hour asylum trial, where both husband and wife testified as to the destruction…
In the NewsNews & Announcements
March 25, 2021 Featured Ayala’s Lawsuit Against Bombardier, The Manufacturer of the Popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis

Renown Law featured Ayala’s Lawsuit against BPR Inc. (aka Bombardier), the manufacturer of the popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis. As stated in the article: "he suit, filed by Elisa Blanco in Broward County on Monday, suggests a new manufacturing process Bombardier started using in 2017 to make Sea-Doos' hulls is flawed and leads to stress cracks even without the craft being ridden. She also claims defects…
Class ActionsNews & Announcements
March 22, 2021

Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against BPR Inc., the Manufacturer of the Popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis

Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against BPR Inc. (BPR), the Manufacturer of the Popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis. In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleges that her Jet-Ski cracked on its own, without any collision, causing it to take on water and almost sink.  The lawsuit also alleges that since late 2017, BPR has been using a new technique in the molding of the Sea-Doos hulls that is…
In the NewsNews & Announcements
March 15, 2021 Features Ayala’s Two Million Lawsuit Against Personal Protective Equipment Distributors

Renown Law featured Ayala’s Lawsuit against distributors of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As stated in the article: “A Florida company has accused New Jersey-based Apex Distribution LLC, attorneys in Texas and Michigan, and others of conspiring to defraud it of $2 million through a bogus joint venture agreement to procure personal protective equipment for Apex's government clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The Law360 article…