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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
— Martin Luther King

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class actionsClass ActionsLitigation
February 22, 2024

Empowering Florida Consumers: Understanding Consumer Rights in Class Actions

In the bustling landscape of commerce, consumers occasionally find themselves facing issues with products or services. However, when a problem extends beyond an individual grievance,…
Lis PendensReal Estate
February 20, 2024

Unlocking the Mystery of Lis Pendens: Know When & How to File

A lis pendens, Latin for “lawsuit pending,” is a written notice to the public that a lawsuit has been filed involving a piece of real…
Property boundariesReal Estate
February 14, 2024

Resolving Neighbor Disputes: Can the City Survey Property Boundaries for You?

In the United States, property boundaries are identified through metal pins placed at every corner of a property, including any angle or change of direction…
towingCivil LitigationCivil ActionsFirm News
February 12, 2024

Ayala Secures $90,000 Settlement in Case Involving Towing & Sale of Client’s Car

We're extremely happy to announce that we've obtained a $90,000 settlement in a case where our client’s vehicle was towed from his residence, and later,…

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Why Ayala

Honesty, Work Ethic, and Value.

Because we value honesty and integrity. We don’t take shortcuts. At Ayala, you can be sure that you will always have the most honest legal opinion about your case, even if that means not having you as a client. We will review your record and give you an opinion based on rigorous analysis of the facts and many years of experience helping people and small businesses. Also, we will not sacrifice our integrity even in the face of opposing parties’ questionable ethics. We will take the longer, harder, ethical approach.

Because we take pride in our work ethic and we put it at your service. At Ayala, we strive to create a culture and work environment that minimizes any error based on lack of effort, lack of attention to detail, or lack of work—period. We strongly believe that for what you pay for your case, a strong work ethic and competence are the minimum you should get. At the same time, the combination of hard work and competence is what has historically made us obtain successful results for our clients.

Because we believe we add real value to our cases by either winning them or putting you in the best position to win. While other firms take pride on taking your calls, we take pride in adding real value to your case through hard work and strategic, intelligent approach focused on the end result—not billing. We believe that for the dollars you pay us, we add value to your particular problem. To us, the best customer service is: results.

Finally, we are a law firm of immigrants, and while that alone does not make us better than anyone, our immigration history is in our DNA. The struggles and sacrifices of coming to this country as immigrants, without resources or basic knowledge of the language, have forged our soul and legal character. We put, whatever that has given us in terms of resilience, to work for your case. We strongly support immigrant entrepreneurship and small businesses. We want to be a reliable, accessible and affordable source of legal support for entrepreneurs and immigrants.

Call us for a consultation. Hopefully we can help you.

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