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Immigration Law
June 28, 2022

Supreme Court Rules That Federal Courts Cannot Review Factual Findings of Immigration Officers

In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court held that federal courts do not have jurisdiction to review factual determinations made during discretionary-relief immigration proceedings under 8. U.S.C §1255 and 8 U.S.C. §1252(a)(2)(B)(i). In the case, Patel, the Petitioner had entered the United States illegally and later applied for residence status. While his petition for a green card was pending, Patel checked a box in…
Consumer Protection
June 27, 2022

Ayala Obtains $25,000 Settlement in Illegal Towing Case

Ayala is proud to announce that it has obtained a $25,000 settlement in an unlawful towing case. In the case Ayala’s client claimed that he parked his vehicle in the property where he was a legal resident under a residential lease. While Ayala’s client (the Plaintiff) was unloading groceries—in a matter of a few minutes—the towing company defendant towed the Plaintiff’s vehicle. The Plaintiff alleged…
June 21, 2022

What is Service of Process and Can I Serve by Mail to a Defendant in Canada – Read to Find Out

Service of process (“Service”) is the process by which a party to a lawsuit gives the appropriate notice of initial legal action to another party. Within the United States, Service is usually personal, meaning that the “process server” has to physically deliver the lawsuit to the defendant’s hand. With some exceptions, that is the general rule. When it comes to international cases, Federal Rules of Civil…
Class ActionsUncategorized
June 17, 2022

Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against BPR Inc. (BPR), the Manufacturer of the Popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis

In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleges that “he accelerated the Sea-Doo to a speed of around 95 km/h (≈ 59 mph). At some point shortly after reaching this speed, the Sea-Doo ejected from the vessel in what seemed like an explosion. lost consciousness and had to be rescued from the river by bystanders.” From the accident he “suffered a strong impact on his chest, causing…
Real EstateUncategorized
June 17, 2022

Can you Agree to Purchase Real Estate Via an Email or a Text Message? Read to Find Out

For most people, Real Estate transactions are usually a life changing event. Because of the importance of these transactions, most states have what are called “statutes of fraud” (SOF). A SOF is a rule that states that certain transactions—like the purchase and sale of land—will not be enforceable if they are not in writing and signed by the party against whom enforcement is sought. (In…
June 16, 2022

Abogado de Ayala Será Panelista en Sesión Sobre Temas Migratorios de La Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

  Abogado del Estudio Ayala, Eduardo A. Maura, presentará sobre visas basadas en peticiones familiares a los egresados de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. La presentación será el día Sabado 16 de Julio a las 11:00 AM hora Peruana. La presentación tratará sobre los diferentes tipos de peticiones familiares existentes (de familiares directo o indirecto), las condiciones para la aprobación de una visa basada…
June 10, 2022

Ayala’s Attorney Eduardo A. Maura Appointed to Board of Directors of Catholic Legal Services

Ayala is proud to announce that Ayala’s attorney Eduardo A. Maura has been appointed to the board of directors of Catholic Legal Services (CLS). As stated in CLS’s website, CLS “is a nationally recognized agency with an experienced team of attorneys and immigration professionals and whose mission is to provide professional legal services, both application assistance and attorney representation before the Citizenship and Immigration Services,…
June 9, 2022

Have You Heard of the International Entrepreneur Parole Program? Read to Find Out

  The International Entrepreneur Parole Program (IEP) is a program that gives a foreign entrepreneur a temporary permit to stay in the United States while he/she is trying to obtain approval of another, business type generally, visa. In order to qualify for the IEP, the foreign national must prove: Possession of a substantial ownership interest in a start-up entity created within the past five-years in…
Internet Law
June 2, 2022

Can You Be Forced to Litigate in a Distant Forum Just By Using Your Vendor’s Website? – Read to Find Out.

In the world of internet contracts, you will purchase products from websites that do not require you to click or e-sign or acknowledge their terms and conditions. Your usage of the site is said to be “subject to terms and conditions” even though you haven’t read them and don’t really have any option to negotiate such terms and conditions. Your only option not to be…
May 27, 2022

Ayala’s Case Against Immigrant Prison Contractor Featured in The Daily Beast

  Ayala’s case against Akima Global Services, LLC, a subcontractor of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to run immigrant detention centers, was recently featured in the Daily Beast. The article highlights among others, the recent 191 million arrangement between the US and Akima to furnish food, guards and transportation to immigrants. An arrangement that is questionable given Akima’s track record in treating immigrants. Akima…
May 20, 2022

Ayala Represents Ukrainian Nationals in Their Asylum Application.

Ayala is proud to announce that it is representing two female Ukrainian nationals in their petition for Asylum in the United States. The clients, in their mid-twenties, had left Kyiv for a pre-planned vacation to Mexico. In the middle of their trip, they learned of the Russian invasion and the Russian regime’s plan to overtake their home town of Kyiv. Shortly thereafter, all flights to…
May 13, 2022

Can a Corporation or an LLC Represent itself in Litigation in Court? – Read to Find Out.

Whether a corporation or LLC can represent itself depends on the type of court the dispute is in. In Florida there are two types of trial courts. The Circuit Courts and the County Courts. County Courts at the same time have two different divisions: the regular County Court and the Small Claims Courts division. Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over disputes involving more than $30,000 in…

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