What is a Class Action

A class action is a lawsuit in which, one or more plaintiffs sue one or more defendants on behalf of themselves and other similarly situated. Oftentimes the cost of litigation makes an otherwise meritorious claim not financially viable. To address this unfairness, the law created the class action rules. In a class action case, a lot of small cases can be consolidated into one single case as long as they meet certain requirements; usually related to how common the claims of the group are. A class action is the perfect mechanism to hold large corporation wrongdoers accountable. At Ayala we have filed several class actions against large corporations who in one way or another abused our clients. Learn more in our “Current Cases and Investigations” section below.

Consumer Protection

At Ayala we are passionate about protecting and representing the little guy. Consumers often feel powerless in the face of misleading promises and poor services from giant corporations. A phone company charges you an additional, previously undisclosed fee. A landlord cheats a small amount to each tenant on the Common Area Maintenance (aka CAM) fees. A large company discloses, without your permission your private data. Normally, the size of these claims would not justify the expense and attorney work required to prevail against large entities who, at the same time, have the best legal resources in the world. Thankfully, the law provides for the class action device, in which one aggrieved consumer can file a case for him/her, and on behalf of other similarly situated. Grouping cases makes them more financially viable. If you are in a situation where you feel you were wronged by a large entity and feel powerless, give us a call. We may be able to help you.

Current Cases and Investigations

  • Paradise Grills Lawsuit and Investigation:
    We recently filed a lawsuit against Paradise Grilling Systems, Inc., the company that manufactures high-end outdoor kitchens called "Paradise Grills." Our lawsuit claims that Paradise Grills are improperly designed by failing to include adequate ventilation around the propane chamber of the grills which causes accumulation of gas that then results in a violent explosion. Paradise Grills improperly installs these kitchens without following what its own manuals state regarding ventilation of propane chambers.


    If you have purchased an outdoor kitchen from Paradise Grills, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Ayala at 305-570-2207 for a free confidential consultation.