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September 23, 2020

Department of Justice Gets Involved in Towing Litigation and Obtains a $20,000 Consent Judgment for Service Member

The Department of Justice sued towing Target Towing and Recovery (Target) in the US Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, for the tow and illegal sale of a service member’s vehicle. The complaint alleges that Target violated the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) when Target sold the service member’s vehicle without providing her with adequate notice. A google search, the complaint…
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September 10, 2020

What is The 80/20 Rule for Tipped Employees and Important Upcoming Changes to The Rule

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a federal law that regulates employees’ wages, requires generally that employers pay employees at least the Federal minimum wage per hour. Section 3(m) of the FLSA allows an employer that meets certain requirements to count a limited amount of the tips its “tipped employees” receive as a credit toward the employer’s Federal minimum wage obligation. This is why restaurants…
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September 1, 2020

Law360 Publishes Ayala’s Attorney Article on Clickwrap-Internet Agreement Litigation

Renown Legal news site published an article by attorney Eduardo A. Maura where he discusses the current state of litigation involving clickwrap hybrid agreements. Hybrid clickwrap agreements are internet contracts where consumers are asked to assent by click to an agreement that is available via a hyperlink, which in turn contains itself a hyperlink with an additional agreement. In the article, A. Maura discusses…
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August 19, 2020

Ayala Files Breach of Contract Action Against Brickell City Center’s Luna Park and its Celebrity Owner Roberto Costa

Ayala filed a breach of contract action against Luna Park, a high end italian food restaurant in Miami’s Brickell City Center. In the lawsuit, Ayala’s client alleges that BCC Food Hall LLC, the company owner of the restaurant, unilaterally cancelled its payment obligations under the contract. The lawsuits further alleges, that in a parallel and similar contract, Mr. Costa also, unilaterally, abandoned its payment obligations…
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August 3, 2020

Ayala Defeats Defendant’s Motion to Force Its Client Into Arbitration of Contract Allegedly Induced by Fraud and Duress

After two contentious hearings, Ayala was able to defeat Exclusive Residence’s (ER) Motion to force Ayala’s client into an expensive, time consuming arbitration process. Ayala filed the lawsuit against ER, a timeshare seller, back in October 2019 alleging that through deceptive, well-planned methods, ER targets innocent consumers (mostly foreigners) to sell them a phony vacation package with the single goal of getting consumers to agree…
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July 23, 2020

Watch What You Click For—What You Need to Know About Internet Agreements

We live in the world of agreements by “click” rather than signature. The digital era has converted the world of contract into clicks, bytes and electric pulses. In this new contract world, there are two common internet type of agreements: “browse wrap” and “clickwrap” agreements. Browse wrap are agreements in which the user agrees to the terms simply by using the website or product. You…
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