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Top 5 Ridiculous Reasons for Towing Given by Illegal Towing Companies

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The illegal towing and selling of vehicles is a major problem in places like Tampa and Jacksonville, especially when it comes to coveted high-value trailers and semi-trailers. If you own an expensive trailer, it’s critical to be aware of these shady towing companies and their oftentimes outrageous tactics. That’s why, in this blog post, we’ll dive into the top five ridiculous reasons illegal towing companies often give for towing and unlawfully selling expensive vehicles.

1.Parking in a “No Parking” Zone

A common yet questionable reason used by predatory towing companies is alleging that the trailer was parked in a “no parking” zone. While certain areas do have designated no-parking zones, these companies may exploit ambiguous signage or unclear demarcations in order to tow high-value vehicles. Drivers in Tampa and Jacksonville should be cautious and double-check signs and permissions before parking their vehicles.

2.”Blocking” Traffic or Other Vehicles

Illegal towing companies may claim that your semi-trailer or trailer is blocking traffic or other vehicles. In reality, these companies may simply be looking for an excuse to tow and profit from an expensive vehicle. Always be mindful of your surroundings and take photographs of your parked trailer to protect yourself from these false accusations.

3. “Safety Hazards” That Don’t Exist

One of the most ridiculous reasons given by illegal towing companies is claiming that your trailer or semi-trailer poses a safety hazard. These hazards might be anything from “obstructing visibility” to “being too close to another vehicle.” Often, these claims are unfounded and used to justify the tow and subsequent sale of your high-value vehicle.

4. “Unauthorized Parking” in Public Areas

Predatory towing companies may also allege that your vehicle was parked in an unauthorized area. This vague reason is a convenient excuse to seize trailers parked legally, and it’s important to ensure you’re aware of local parking regulations to avoid falling victim to this tactic.

5. Using “Expired Permits” as a Reason

Another tactic used by illegal towing companies is claiming that your vehicle has “expired permits” or lacks proper documentation. They may tow your semi-trailer or trailer, citing obscure or outdated rules as justification. This can be a challenging accusation to dispute, so always keep your permits and licenses up to date and easily accessible.

What to Do If Your Trailer or Semi-Trailer Is Towed

If you believe your expensive trailer or semi-trailer has been towed for an invalid reason in Tampa, Jacksonville, or anywhere in Florida, take the following steps:

  • Document Everything: Gather as much evidence as possible, including photographs, permits, and eyewitness accounts, to support your claim.
  • Know Your Rights: Familiarize yourself with Florida towing laws, including your rights as a vehicle owner and the towing company’s legal obligations.
  • Seek Legal Help: If your trailer has been towed unjustly, contact an experienced attorney for legal help with towing scams and recourse for stolen trailers.
  • File a Complaint: Consider filing a complaint with local authorities and consumer protection agencies to report the towing company’s illegal practices.


Illegal towing practices pose significant risks to truck drivers and owners of trailers and semi-trailers in Tampa and Jacksonville. Understanding the outrageous reasons often given for tows and knowing your rights can help you survive this complex legal landscape. 

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