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Commercial Litigation

Ayala Files Lawsuit Against Citibank for Recovery of Over $115,000 in Deposits

We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client, a British citizen. The lawsuit is against Citibank, N.A. (“Citibank”), for the recovery of over $115,000 in bank deposits.

In the lawsuit, our client alleges that he submitted a wire transfer request with the Defendant. In the request, he asked to transfer $112,497.38 from his Citibank account to another account belonging to him in the United Kingdom.

Similarly, the lawsuit alleges that before November 21, 2022, the Plaintiff deposited an additional $2,674.67 in their checking account.

Although Citibank agreed to hold the deposited monies in the checking accounts, and repay the deposited monies on proper order from the Plaintiff, Citibank failed to do so.

“It’s pretty crazy that banks just casually withhold tens of thousands of dollars from consumers intentionally, or due to inefficient bureaucracy. We hope that through this action, we can return these funds back to our client,” attorney Eduardo A. Maura.

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