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Ayala Files Lawsuit Against Mattress Kings LLC on Behalf of One of its Owners

By May 25, 2023No Comments

We filed a lawsuit against Mattress Kings LLC (“Mattress Kings”) on behalf of one of the business’ owners. In brief, our client alleges that “Mattress Kings” has failed to disclose relevant financial and company information entitled to them as partner.

The lawsuit alleges that a hostile environment, created by the other two owners in an effort to de facto, unlawfully oust our client. Furthermore, the Defendants are allegedly diverting Mattress Kings’ business to recently created parallel entities, excluding our client from these entities in the process.

As stated by our lead attorney Eduardo A. Maura, “It is unfortunate that the partners are in the middle of this dispute. Ultimately, we hope that through this lawsuit, everyone can come to the negotiating table and find a solution that’s in  the business’ best interest. After all, our single objective as a firm is to resolve disputes for our clients.”

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