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Ayala Files Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Aquasol Condominium Association in Miami, for Injuries to Six-Year Old Child.

By May 25, 2021May 26th, 2021No Comments

Ayala filed a premises liability and negligence lawsuit against Aquasol Condominium Association (Aquasol) in Miami. The lawsuit alleges that Aquasol’s failure to maintain a large metal door that serves as an entrance/exit connecting the elevator lobby to the parking garage caused serious injuries to Ayala’s client’s child. The Complaint also alleges that prior to the day of the incident, Plaintiff’s parents had warned management of the dangers of the broken door, but management ignored such request.

As a result of Aquasol’s failure to repair the door, the plaintiff’s six-year-old child’s ankle was lacerated, seriously incapacitating him. The shock of the event on their minor child has been a source of tremendous distress for the parents.

As stated by Attorney Maura: “we look forward to seeking justice for our clients at trial. Nobody should have to go through this.”

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