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Ayala Files Tortious Interference with Business Relationship Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo

By May 13, 2018May 21st, 2021No Comments

Ayala files lawsuit in Miami Dade County against Wells Fargo for tortious interference with business relationship.

Ayala represents a local law firm who had a contract with its client for representation in an insurance claim. The law firm, in good faith, endorsed the insurance proceeds to Wells Fargo under the promise that Wells then would pay the firm. Wells did not pay the law firm, depriving it from its hard earned attorney’s fees. Despite multiple requests by Ayala’s client, Wells decided to keep the proceeds.

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As stated in the complaint: “Wells intentionally and unjustifiably interfered with [plaintiff] relationship with

by withholding the attorney’s fees agreed to pay to [plaintiff] in the second check.”

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