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Ayala Obtains $40,500 Settlement in Lawsuit Against Towing Company That Sold Client’s Cargo Trailer

By April 29, 2024No Comments

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve secured a $40,500 settlement in a case involving the towing and sale of a cargo trailer belonging to one of our clients, a major transportation company.

The case revolved around a lawsuit filed by our client under Florida Statutes 713.78 for the unauthorized sale of a cargo trailer. Despite our client’s repeated demands for the trailer’s return before the sale, the defendant proceeded with the sale. But fortunately, on the eve of the trial, the defendant agreed to a settlement.

Our attorney Eduardo A. Maura remarked, “We are pleased with the outcome, achieving nearly full value for the trailer. We are dealing with deeply corrupt towing companies whose business model relies on making it difficult for people to reclaim their vehicles so they can sell them at a significant profit. Unfortunately, law enforcement remains uninvolved in this operation. We will continue to pursue these companies through civil proceedings to protect our clients.”

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