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Ayala Lawsuit on Behalf of South American Investor Set for Jury trial in October

By June 14, 2018May 21st, 2021No Comments

By Isabella Espinoza.

After two years of contentious litigation, Ayala’s case on behalf of its Venezuelan client is set for jury trial in October-2018. In the case, Ayala’s client claims that the defendant, through lies and deceit, induced him to invest $250,000 on a land under the promise of a phony business enterprise. The defendant has since held the land hostage, and has received extensive benefit using it for its contiguous heavy machinery business.

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By Eoin Coveney –

As stated by attorney Eduardo A. Maura, “we are happy that a jury will finally hear our side of the story and we are confident that when they hear the defense’s inconsistent statements, the jury will side with us.”

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