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Ayala Obtains $10,000 Settlement in Unlawful Towing Case

By July 6, 2022September 29th, 2022No Comments

Ayala is proud to announce that it has obtained a $10,000 settlement in an unlawful towing case.

In the case Ayala’s client (the Plaintiff) claimed that he went to visit a friend and parked in a lot without any towing signage warning consumers of potential towing of vehicles. The Plaintiff alleged in the complaint that he parked in a single parking space without interfering with the regular flow of traffic. When the Plaintiff returned to his vehicle later that day his vehicle was gone.

Because of the absence of towing signage at the entrances of the property, the Plaintiff had no idea where his car may have been taken. Eventually, in an adjacent property, the Plaintiff found a sign with information of a towing operator. Upon call, the tow operator confirmed that it had the Plaintiff’s vehicle. Upon inspection, the Plaintiff noticed that his vehicle had been severely damaged as a result of the tow.

After nearly a year of litigation, the case settled favorably for Ayala’s client.

As stated by attorney Eduardo A. Maura: “We are happy with the result. While we could have obtained more at trial, we are convinced that this is a good outcome for our client, which most importantly, turns the page on this disgraceful incident.”

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