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Ayala Obtains Financing for Purchase of New Office Space in Miami

By September 18, 2018No Comments

Ayala is extremely happy to announce that it has obtained a loan for the purchase of a commercial property that will house the firm for the upcoming years.

The new property will undergo major construction and renovation before it can be ready for moving by early 2020.

Attorney Eduardo A. Maura commented on the deal: “the goal is to build 3,000 sq feet of office space that will hopefully house the firm for the next 10 years. In any event if we run out of space sooner, it is a good problem to have. We are extremely thankful to the people of Iberia Bank who made this dream a reality. They did a fantastic job. They are true banking professionals.”

For more information about our practice call 305-570-2208 or email us.

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