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Ayala Obtains Jury Verdict in Favor of Its Client in Tortious Interference with Contract Rights Lawsuit

By May 14, 2019May 21st, 2021No Comments

Today, May 14, 2019, a Miami Dade Jury entered a verdict in favor of Ayala’s client ruling that its client did not tortuously interfered with the business relationship of the Plaintiff (a realtor) and the Seller of a warehouse property in Miami (the “Property”).

The lawsuit alleged that Ayala’s client, the buyer of the Property, interfere in the relationship between the Plaintiff/Realtor and the Seller, not present in the case. After prior attempts to get the case dismissed for failure to join the party who actually had to pay the real estate commission, the Seller, the case went to a two day jury trial. As stated by Eduardo A. Maura: “we are extremely happy with the result. We are happy the jury was able to see that this was a lawsuit that admittedly scapegoated our client because the plaintiff could not find the real defendant—the Seller.”

Ayala’s client will now file a Motion for Attorney’s fees and Cost to recover the cost of having to defend a lawsuit that should have not been pursued in the first place.

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