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Ayala Prevailed Against Relentless Tenant in Eviction Turned Quiet Title Action

By March 1, 2018May 21st, 2021No Comments

In a case that started as a simple eviction for possession, Ayala defeated a multiplicity of unfounded legal challenges by the relentless tenant on the property.

The tenant/defendant’s counterclaims included actions for quiet title, cancellation of deed, rescission, mortgage foreclosure and the like. In the latest attempt to stop final judgment the tenant filed an emergency Motion to Set Aside the Final Judgment. Honorable County Court Judge Lawrence D. King gave Ayala less than 24 ours to brief the Court as to why the Motion to Set Aside should be denied. Ayala filed its 20-page brief earlier on March 1, 2017 and after that the Court entered an Order denying defendant’s Motion to Set Aside the Judgment. As stated in the Court’s opinion, “Defendant is simply attempting to rehash the same issues previously considered by [the] Court” and “reargue the same matters.” Order, p.1.

Ayala partnered on this case with of counsel for the firm and owner of Ferretjans Law PLLC, Pamela Ferretjans, esq.

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