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Ayala Resolves Claim with Social Media Influencer, Recovers 20% of Demand & Account Ownership

By January 8, 2024No Comments

We’re extremely happy to announce that we have successfully obtained a settlement for a claim against a famous social media influencer. This settlement was for a fraction of the original demand, as well as the return of his social media account.

The claim centered on an image rights assignment contract, where the influencer agreed to pay the Plaintiff 20% of their profits in return for promoting and growing the social media account.

As the Plaintiff made no effort to promote the account, the influencer ceased making payments. Subsequently, the Plaintiff filed a lawsuit seeking all outstanding payments for the entire agreement duration (approximately $100,000).

Ayala subsequently transferred the case to federal court due to the diversity of parties (as its client resided in Texas) and commenced negotiations with the Plaintiff. Following rigorous negotiations, Ayala successfully settled the case for approximately 20% of its value and crucially, regained control of the account which had been seized by the Plaintiff.

“We are pleased with the outcome, resolving this dispute in less than two months, and most importantly, ensuring our client regains access to his social media account in order to continue making money,” stated attorney Eduardo A. Maura.

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