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Ayala Sues American Express for Recalling Already-Earned Payment to Its Contractor-Client

By March 23, 2020March 25th, 2020No Comments

Ayala files lawsuit against American Express and a contractor for damages caused by recalling a processed payment for services already delivered to the contractor-defendant.

In the lawsuit, Ayala alleges that American Express, without any verification, or due diligence of any kind, took the side of the contractor-defendant and recalled a payment already approved for Ayala’s client. As stated by Attorney Maura, “we are proud to represent small businesses in litigation. This case involves only $9,000 in damages but we deeply believe that the court house should be opened to claims of all sizes—not just large ones. While these smaller cases are riskier for us, we are proud to have established a lean practice model where we can take on Fortune 500 hundred companies, on big or little claims alike—whether there is a claim for attorneys fees or not. Not many firms can do that.”

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