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Ayala’s Settlement in Multimillion Dollar PPE Scam Featured in

By September 16, 2021No Comments

Ayala’s settlement in multimillion-dollar PPE scam was featured in renowned legal site

The Complaint in the case alleges that Apex Distribution LLC and its partners (lead by Defendant Hector Alvarez) conspired to induce Plaintiffs to invest two million dollars in a PPE scam. The Complaint further alleges that after numerous demands for an accounting of the funds and the return of the same, Defendants gave bogus reports in an effort to delay plaintiffs declaring a default under the terms of the Joint Venture Agreement priorly signed.

The law360 article reports on the settlement reached with some of the defendants in the case and the subsequent rejection by the Court of the stipulation of dismissal.

Attorney Maura for the firm commented on the report the following: “We will be briefing the court and/or try to obtain consent from the Sadick defendants,” Maura said. “It is clear to us that the Sadick defendants, absent a third-party complaint, cannot force us to sue Mr. Tillman and his law firm.”

The news article can be found here: Article (log-in required).

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