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Can You Obtain a Business Visa By Purchasing A Property?

By January 21, 2022No Comments

One of the most common questions when it comes to obtaining a business visa in the United States is whether an investor can obtain a business visa (E-2, L1-A, or other) by merely purchasing real estate.

The answer is simple: no. Buying a property will get not you a business visa per se. Even if you buy a property worth millions of dollars, a passive investment in real estate does not open you the path to a business visa.

If you, however, invest $100,000 (to put a number) in a restaurant franchise that creates 5 US jobs, you may be able to get a business visa.

Essentially, business visas are all about job creation for US citizens.  This is what the US government wants from immigrants that are investing here in the United States.

Keep that in mind when selecting your investment and most importantly consult with an experienced visa attorney to guide you in that process.

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