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Daily Business Review Features Ayala’s Client Jury Verdict Win In Land Dispute

By October 26, 2018May 21st, 2021No Comments

The Daily Business Review discussed the Jury Verdict Ayala obtained in favor of its Venezuelan client.

Ayala represented the plaintiff, a Venezuelan immigrant investor, who under the promise of a phony development deal paid for the purchase price of a land contiguous to land already own by the defendant. In reliance of the promise to build warehouses in the newly acquired land (and a portion of the land already owned by the defendant) the plaintiff allowed the defendant to be in the title of the land. Soon after closing the defendant knocked down the fence separating both lands, did nothing to build any warehouse, and effectively enlarged its existing land and business.

After a 5 day Jury Trial, the jury awarded Ayala’s client the land (valued conservatively at $517,000) and $84,000 in back rent for the time the Defendants used the land.

The Daily Business Review news article can be accessed here:

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