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Do you have bad online reviews for your business? — What You Need to Know

By March 2, 2022No Comments

Do you have bad reviews online for your business?

Is it one review? Maybe two? Every business will likely have at least one bad review in its lifetime. But if you have too many bad reviews, you may be subject to an investigation for violating the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trading Practices Act (FDUPTA). A person could be subject to an investigation by the state’s attorney-consumer protection division. In which they could access your files and records. Potentially, digging into why a company has multiple bad reviews.

It is vital to address the situation if you continue to have bad reviews on your company, by responding to your customers, it will show that you have a line of communication with them and that there is a number or an individual they can access to address the situation. Additionally, if a refund is due, is it important that your company refunds the money at its earliest convenience. Henceforth, your company will not be subjected to one of these investigations, which could result in a lump sum of legal fees.

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