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Jury Awards Ayala’s Client the Full Value of Towed Vehicle Sold by Defendant Towing Company

By November 29, 2023No Comments

We’re delighted to share that we’ve secured a favorable verdict of $32,650 for our client. This is almost the entire value of the vehicle that was towed by the defendant towing company.

Unjust Towing: Artificial Requirements and Financial Loss

This case involved the towing of our client’s truck. During this time, the towing company created a set of artificial requirements beyond the law’s scope. These were aimed at making it impossible for our client to retrieve the vehicle.

Despite our client’s repeated attempts (while located outside the US) to reclaim the truck, the towing company, fully aware of the vehicle’s ownership, proceeded to sell it.

Exorbitant Fees and Unjust Enrichment

Not only did the towing company charge exorbitant towing fees of $2,700, but they also sold the vehicle later at its actual value and retained the proceeds.

The jury’s verdict concluded that the towing company had unjustly benefited and violated the 30-day notice requirement outlined in section 713.78 of the Florida Statute.

Celebrating Justice: Attorney’s Insights

As stated by attorney Eduardo A. Maura, Esq., “We’re happy with the result. It took 3 years to achieve justice, but justice was served. We will now pursue all of our legal fees pursuant to the lien statute.” Eduardo also stated, “I’m particularly proud of our attorney Ryan Sawal, who in his first jury trial performed like a seasoned trial lawyer. Jury trials are not easy. There’s a lot that goes into it, including long days and short nights. Our team continues to excel and build the skills to take on corrupt actors, big and small.”

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