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The Biden Administration Ends Trump Era Public Charge Rule—What You Need to Know

By September 9, 2022No Comments

In good news for green card hopefuls, the Biden administration has ended the Trump era revised “public charge” rule.

Under the public charge rule immigrants who rely on government cash benefits could be denied immigration benefits. The Trump administration updated the rule to include non-cash benefits such as housing assistance or health benefits, for example. Those who received such benefits for more than 12-months within a three-year period could be denied a green card.

Besides broadening the rule, critics of the prior administration believe the rule caused fear and confusion because otherwise benefit-eligible immigrants stopped applying for certain benefits.

The proposed new rule explicitly excludes non-cash benefits and health benefits in connection with public emergencies such as COVID-19.

You can find the Department of Homeland Security’s press release about the news rule here:

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