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Three Things You Must Know if Your Car Was Towed Illegally

By January 21, 2022No Comments

  Was your vehicle towed or booted? Know your rights!

Towing Companies must comply with Florida Statues 715.07 when towing vehicles without the consent of the owner.  Section 715.07 of the Florida Statutes has very specific rules regarding signage and “No Parking Zones” that tow operators and property owners must follow prior to a nonconsensual tow. But even if the signage was correct, there are three things that you must also know from Section 715.07:

  • The towing company must report the tow to the police department within 30 minutes after completion of the tow. Thus, if you don’t know where your car is, call the police department immediately and they may be able to tell you where it is, assuming the towing operator complied with the law.
  • Your car must be returned within one hour after you request it. The tow operator cannot make you wait more than an hour and then try to charge you storage or other fees.
  • Your car must be stored in a location that is within a 10-mile radius from the area where it was towed. If they stored it further than 10-miles, they may be in violation of Florida Statutes 715.07(2)(a)1.a.

Additionally, if your car has undergone damages during the process of the tow, you may be financially eligible to recover the costs to repair it. Being able to identify some of the violations described above, will increase the possibility that you will win your case and recover damages on your vehicle caused during the tow.

If you believe your vehicle was illegally towed, contact an experienced towing attorney at Ayala at (305)-570-2208 or email an experienced towing attorney at


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