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Ayala Defeats Motion for Summary Judgment in Case Involving $2 Million Dispute Over Miami Land

By March 27, 2024No Comments

We’re extremely happy to announce that we’ve defeated a plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment in a dispute regarding the ownership of land in Miami valued at $2 million.

A motion for summary judgment is a legal request made by a party in a lawsuit, asking the court to make a decision on the case without a full trial. This motion is typically made after the completion of discovery, which is the process where each party gathers evidence and information relevant to the case.

In a motion for summary judgment, the moving party argues that there are no genuine disputes of material fact, and that they are entitled to judgment as a matter of law. Essentially, they claim that even if all the facts are viewed in a light favorable to the opposing party, there is no reasonable interpretation of the evidence that could lead to a ruling in favor of the opposing party.

This case involved a transfer of land owned by a Florida company. In 2022, the plaintiff coerced the defendant into signing an agreement to transfer the land, even though the plaintiff had already transferred his interest in the land in a prior transfer of company shares in 2019.

Ayala’s client argued that there are multiple issues regarding ownership, including the very validity of the 2022 agreement. They also argued that, at a minimum, the jury should decide whether or not the 2022 agreement was valid, and whether or not it transferred anything at all.

Attorney Eduardo A. Maura, Esq. had this to say about the motion of summary judgement, “We’re happy with the result! We’re happy that a jury will get to decide whether or not the 2022 agreement, which was not signed by the land owner, the entity, is valid.”

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