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Ayala Files Breach of Contract Action on Behalf of Its Client Against Miami Condominium Association.

By January 14, 2019No Comments
Ayala filed a breach of contract action against a Miami Condominium Association. Ayala’s client, a Miami contractor, had entered into a one year agreement to perform diverse services for the Association. In what’s not (unfortunately) unusual in condo associations behavior, the association disregarded Ayala client’s contract once there was a change in the board of directors, to favor contractors that are friendlier to the new board. 
Ayala sued for the damages its client is entitled to under the contract.
If you are a contractor whose contract was cancelled for no legitimate reason, call our firm for help at 305-570-2208. 
At Ayala we are able to take on lawsuits at affordable rates, or in some cases, on a contingency basis (you don’t pay us until we recover) to make sure the lawsuit makes financial sense for the client. 

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