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Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against BPR Inc. (BPR), the Manufacturer of the Popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis

By June 17, 2022September 30th, 2022No Comments

In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleges that “he accelerated the Sea-Doo to a speed of around 95 km/h (≈ 59 mph). At some point shortly after reaching this speed, the Sea-Doo ejected [him] from the vessel in what seemed like an explosion. [He] lost consciousness and had to be rescued from the river by bystanders.” From the accident he “suffered a strong impact on his chest, causing him severe pain.”

The Complaint also alleges that “defects caused the intake grate to detach from the Sea-Doo, which in turn caused the Sea-Doo to eject Figueroa and break apart.” Complaint at ¶20.

The Complaint also alleges that “these defects are present in all 2019 Sea-Doos GTX, RXT, or Wake PRO equipped with 230 and 300 engines.” Complaint at ¶21.

The Complaint further alleges that “[a]t no time before the aforesaid incident did BRP disclose to Plaintiffs that the Sea-Doos suffer from defective intake grates. Had BRP properly disclosed these defects, [Plaintiff] would not have purchased the Sea-Doo. Likewise, Figueroa would not have used the Sea-Doo.” Complaint at ¶21.

You can read the complaint here:

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