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Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against BPR Inc., the Manufacturer of the Popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis

By March 22, 2021No Comments

Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against BPR Inc. (BPR), the Manufacturer of the Popular Sea-Doo Jet-Skis. In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleges that her Jet-Ski cracked on its own, without any collision, causing it to take on water and almost sink.  The lawsuit also alleges that since late 2017, BPR has been using a new technique in the molding of the Sea-Doos hulls that is defective, and that causes them to crack for no reason. Consumers experience stress cracks to the hull of their jet skis while riding them putting them at risk of serious injury.

As stated in the Complaint, the defects were known to the Defendants since “Numerous consumer complaints concerning the defective carbon seal and/or hull in the Sea-Doos have been voiced on various internet forums as well as directly to Defendants.” Complaint ¶ 31.

“For example, one consumer complained that although his 2018 GTX 300 Sea-Doo never saw water and was stored in a heated garage since purchase, when he went to take it out, he noticed a “horrible gas odor.” He found that “gas leaked down the hull on both side[s] and gas was in the footwells.” When he wiped the gas off, he found the “hull was cracked horribly and stained where the gas had run from [the] gas lid area.”

If you own a Sea-Doo jet-ski contact us at 305-570-2208 to join the Class Action case.

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