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Ayala Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Paradise Grills In Partnership with Justice Law and Harke P.A.

By February 13, 2023No Comments

Ayala in partnership with Justice Law and Harke P.A., two south Florida renown litigation firms, filed a putative class action complaint against Paradise Grills, the manufacturer of high-end outdoor kitchens.

In the complaint the plaintiff alleges, among others that:

“He attempted to start the Grill and the bottom of the Grill unexpectedly and violently exploded.” That “as a result of the explosion of the Grill, he has suffered severe injuries, both physically and otherwise.” And that “improper ventilation around the propane chamber of the Grill caused an accumulation of gas, which coupled with the use of the designated ignition button resulted in the violent explosion.”

The complaint also alleges that Paradise Grills installed the island without falling for its own instruction manual which requires vents on the sides of the grills.

The complaint presents causes of action for Strict Liability for a manufacturing defect, Strict Liability for a failure to warn, Negligence and Breach of warranties, among others. You can read the full complaint filed here: Complaint

Judge Michael A. Hanzman of the 11th Circuit Court Complex Business Litigation division was assigned to the case.

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