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Ayala is Investigating Claims That Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi) Lied About Its Use of Digital Files

By August 29, 2022No Comments

Ayala’s consumer rights attorneys are investigating claims that MoFi lied to its customers regarding the use of digital mastering or digital files.

MoFi is a record label specializing in the production of audiophile (a high-fidelity sound lover) discs.

MoFi advertised its records as being purely  analog  recordings (directly  from  the  master  recording  or  original  analog  tapes)

without any sort of digital mastering process. Based on this promise to consumers, MoFi charged a high premium to consumers who thought they were getting analog—rather than digital—recordings.

Analog records are highly valued for its superior sound quality and its uniqueness, i.e.: the inability to be reproduced infinite times. Unlike analogs, digital records quality is not as good, and can be reproduced an unlimited number of times by just being copied.

Therefore, when MoFi uses digital mastering rather than analog, and charges a premium, it misrepresents to consumers and does not provide them with the value added it promised.

If you have purchased records from MoFi, fill this form MoFi Investigation, email an experienced consumer rights attorney at Ayala at or call the office at 305-570-2208.

You can also schedule a case evaluation online at

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