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Ayala Obtains $350,000 Settlement for its Client in Four-Year-Old Eviction Turned Quiet-Title Dispute

By September 16, 2021No Comments

In a case that started as a simple eviction for possession back in 2017, and after numerous hearings, briefs, and appeals, Ayala finally reached a settlement for its client.

Originally, after Ayala’s client filed for eviction, the tenant/defendant’s counterclaimed in the eviction case alleging—to our client’s surprise—that they were the actual owners of the property. This defense alone created a plethora of jurisdictional challenges, transfers, and appeals that made an initial simple action for possession in county court a highly complicated and litigated case.

As stated by Attorney Maura: “we are happy that this case has finally reached an end without a trial. Though we felt good about our chances at trial, we are happy that our client won’t have to go through such a stressful process and that she still received a good settlement amount.”

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