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Ayala Obtains L1A Visa for Director of Up and Coming Peruvian Fin-tech Company

By November 2, 2021No Comments


Ayala is proud to announce that it has obtained the approval of an L1A visa for the owner and president of renowned Peruvian fin-tech company Digital Holding.

Digital Holding (DH) is an affiliate of Digital Factoring SAC in Peru (DF). DF is dedicated to helping small businesses finance their short-term capital needs. Unlike conventional bank financing, Digital Factoring provides a fast and convenient financing option to small businesses. DF is able to do so, because of its powerful digital platform.

For years DF has struggled to find talent in IT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer programing—key to its success. For this reason, Mr. Percy Augustin had the vision of bringing DF to the United States to be able to capture top talent in the fin-tech field and from the US, expand its company worldwide.

As stated by attorney E. Maura: “We are proud of Digital Factoring, Digital Holding, Mr. Augustin, and his entire team. These visas are by no means easy to obtain. I am happy our firm was able to obtain this approval so he can realize his dream for the company he founded.”

For more information about visas for executives, managers, or specialized talent, contact an immigration attorney at Ayala at 305-570-2208 or email attorney Eduardo A. Maura at

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