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Ayala’s Attorney Attends Oral Argument in the Florida Third District Court Appeal in Case Challenging Prior Class Certification Order in the 11th Circuit Court of Miami

By January 7, 2021No Comments

Ayala’s Attorney Eduardo A. Maura attended Oral Argument in the Florida Third District Court of Appeals. In the lower court case, Ayala had obtained an order granting Class Certification for his client. The case was filed on behalf of a class of plaintiffs, alleging that American Towing of Miami violated Florida Statutes 715.07 when it made consumers sign releases prior to returning vehicles that had been towed. FS 715.07 specifically prohibits such practice.

Part of the argument included fending off challenges to the civil nature of FS 715.07 by American Towing. You can watch the entire oral argument here: Argument. (Case Number 20-986).

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