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Ayala’s Case Against Immigrant Prison Contractor Featured in The Daily Beast

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Ayala’s case against Akima Global Services, LLC, a subcontractor of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to run immigrant detention centers, was recently featured in the Daily Beast.

The article highlights among others, the recent 191 million arrangement between the US and Akima to furnish food, guards and transportation to immigrants. An arrangement that is questionable given Akima’s track record in treating immigrants. Akima currently has eight federal lawsuits pending “including claims from overtime theft, wrongful termination, professional retaliation, and age and medical discrimination” the article states.

The article discusses Ayala’s case specifically:

“In late 2020, Alejandro Mugaburu, a detainee at an Akima complex in Florida, lodged a lawsuit accusing the company of denying him medications for his epilepsy and cardiovascular conditions. The suit further asserts that the facility placed him in a second-story bed, in violation of policy guidelines—culminating in a seizure that sent him down a flight of 14 stairs and landed him in a wheelchair.

In court, Akima has maintained that, as a private contractor, it is immune to such a lawsuit. It also maintains that Mugaburu failed to prove he had exhausted such “administrative remedies” as issuing a formal complaint to ICE.”

Asked for a comment for the article, Ayala’s attorney Eduardo A. Maura is quoted saying:

“I can tell you my opinion of Akima is not good … and it’s definitely not an entity I would not be comfortable giving the care of immigrants.”

You can read the article here:

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