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Florida Judge Certifies a Class of Hundreds of Owners Whose Vehicles Were Towed by American Towing of Miami

By March 7, 2020May 21st, 2021No Comments

On March 6, 2020, a Florida judge certified a class of nearly 300 hundred vehicle owners whose vehicles were towed by American Towing of Miami (American), a south Florida towing company.

The case was field originally in July 2018 in county court and then transferred to circuit court in March 2019. After overcoming innumerable hurdles and the defense dilatory tactics, Ayala was able to prevail at the Motion for Class Certification hearing.

In a class action case, a Plaintiff files a case on behalf of a putative class alleging a common pattern of conduct by the defendant that affected a large group of people—the class. In this case, Plaintiff alleges that when American forced vehicle owners to sign a release before they could inspect their cars when they picked them up, American violated Florida Statutes 715.07 prohibiting this specific practice.

Judge Spencer Eig agreed with Ayala’s theory of the case and certified the class. The case now moves forward towards trial as a class action.

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