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Florida Partition Actions: What Should I Do if a Co-Owner Doesn’t Agree to Selling Our Property?

By April 3, 2024No Comments

Partition actionIf you’re facing a co-owner dispute over jointly owned property, breaking the deadlock and reclaiming your property’s value may seem impossible. But don’t be discouraged, we’re here to help, and Florida Law offers a solution for resolving these disputes known as a, “Partition Action.”

Partition Actions are governed by Florida Statutes chapter 64, designed to provide co-owners with a legal means to resolve disputes over what to do with jointly owned property.

When the property is deemed “nondivisible,” the court can order its sale, with proceeds distributed proportionately among the parties based on their interest in the property. This allows co-owners to break the deadlock and move forward from the dispute in an efficient manner.

What is “Nondivisble” Property?

Examples of nondivisible property are:

  • Houses, apartments or condominiums
  • Motor vehicles
  • Land (in certain instances)

Note: Even if your property is found to be divisible, you may still have a means of resolving the dispute through a “partition in kind.”

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