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Miami-Dade County Commissioners Issuing Immigration IDs for Non-Profit

By February 4, 2022No Comments

By: Sophie Polenghi

On January 11, 2021, Miami- Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava approved a plan for Florida commissioners to issue IDs for immigrants for a non-profit.

The 7-2 voting allows support to immigrants in daily necessities, such as getting coronavirus tests and vaccines. Likewise, supporters will be able to enter their children’s school building, access public resources like public libraries, recreation facilities, shelters, and necessary identification when needed from public authorities. Out of the seven commissioners, the two opposed had expressed their concerns that “immigrants will abuse their new identification for fraudulent activities.”

Former Republican State Senator, Rene Garcia, reminded his fellow commissioners of his past vetoed bill he attempted to implement. An attempt to issue driver’s licenses to immigrants. Garcia expressed his concern about the ideology of the new bill and how a non-profit organization is in command of it. Commissioner Garcia stated, “we are passing this to a third-party vendor,” and “if we think that this is not going to lead to fraud, that this is not going to lead to opening the door for other activities to happen in this community … we are all mistaken.[1]






[1] Associated Press, Immigrants IDs to Be Issued in Miami-Dade-County, (Feb. 3, 2022),

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