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In the News Features Ayala’s Class Action Lawsuit Against LATAM Airlines

By April 21, 2020No Comments

The renown legal news website featured Ayala’s class action against LATAM Airlines.

The lawsuit seeks to certify a class of plaintiffs whose flights were unilaterally cancelled by LATAM.

In the Class Action Complaint, Plaintiffs allege that LATAM’s practice of cancelling consumer’s flights, when they cannot make one leg of their trip (the so called “no-show” policy), is unlawful and unjustly enriches LATAM at the expense of consumers who end up stranded, scrambling to find last minute, expensive replacement flights.

The Plaintiff, a produce company “is [also] suing under the Montreal Convention, an international treaty governing air transportation to which the U.S. and Chile are signatories.”

You can read the law360 article here: Article

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